Lakeshore Longhouse

Welcome to Lakeshore Longhouse


If you have any questions, please contact one of the Chief's Below:

Phone Number: 313-447-0381


LongHouse Chief: Pat Carlsen
Assistant Longhouse Chief: Matt McGuire
Boys Federation Chief: Tim Klepp
Assistant Boys Fed Chief:  Keith Spondike
Girls Federation Chief:  Dave Vanderwerp
Assistant Girls Fed Chief: Seth Sherry
Treasure: Bill Turner




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In addition to the obvious, below is a list of things to consider:


Cash — Our policy is to avoid add-on expenses whenever possible, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Saturday after dinner we hold a toy raffle and a 50/50 to raise money for our programs. In addition, sometimes sports tickets are donated and there is an additional raffle. Tickets cost $1 each or 6 for $5 for each raffle.

Clothing — Be sure they are appropriate to the season. Extra spare socks, underwear, shoes should be considered. Boots / Jeans for horse back riding and swim suits, depending upon the specific itinerary.

Cooler — Depending on what you're bringing a cooler may be a good idea.

Crafts / Games — You may like to bring along something for the girls to do in the cabin, especially if we encounter rain. Coloring books, dolls, beauty supplies, etc. Outdoor items such as frisbees or kites.

Cups — You may need a plastic cup / mug to camouflage certain beverages around the campfire. Technically, camps are alcohol free but having a cold one by the fire has become traditional.

Fitted Sheets — The mattresses are usually old and covered in plastic.  Having a fitted sheet to put over them makes it a lot more comfortable.

Flashlights — Everyone should have a flashlight, dads too.

Folding Chairs — For late nights sitting around the fire.  

Food & Beverage — Camps provide the 3 meals Saturday and breakfast Sunday. Think "institutional cooking" if you will and plan accordingly. Let us know if allergies are a concern so we can plan accordingly. A "4th meal" is traditional at the campfire Saturday night and sometimes occurs on Fridays, too. Bring your specialty but don't feel the need to overdue it. There is generally more than can be consumed.

Pillows — Don't forget to bring pillows. stuffed animals, blankies or whatever else might help make your child feel comfortable and sleep are encouraged.

Sleeping Bags — Cabins have heat but they don't always work well — Be prepared!

Snacks — Most people bring snacks. The rules on healthy food at camp-outs are — there are no rules!  Snacks, treats, juice boxes / water bottles — Go crazy but don't tell mom!  Goodie-bags are provided and distributed Saturday evening.

Towels & Toiletries

Toy Raffle (girl's only) — Girls should bring a gently used toy to donate to the toy raffle. Encourage your child to select an item of theirs that another child would want. Bringing along new items are acceptable, too.

What NOT to bring — Please discourage electronic devices such as Gameboys, iPods and the like.